Lynn B. Friedman - Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty: The Two Foot Rule revisited with 19 lessons learned!

The Two Foot Rule revisited with 19 lessons learned!

Dear Readers -

John Henry, from Orlando FL,

arrived in the 'Rain full-speed ahead.
He's taught a lot to us since he came
in August 2018.  Lucky us!!!




When I was a Contractor (20+ years), I never did any work without architectural plans. John's statement in his profile: "Architecture is 'frozen music'." resonates with me for sure.

As a Builder, going from what the Client says to what the trades deliver for a finished project is only possible with clear, detailed architectural drawings -- IMHO.

So THANKS John!!!!

I recommend checking out other posts that John has shared with the ActiveRain community. All the best - Lynn

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PS  If I haven't had the opportunity to thank you personally for your reading my posts, let me do so now. I enjoy writing and am delighted you stopped by. Love reading your comments as well. L.

Photo courtesy of John Henry/ActiveRain

A few months ago I heard about the Two Foot Rule.  I wrote about it.  The title was:

The 2 ft. rule may change your life


This post has been the most popular one I have written since joining AR.  I have often wondered why.  The main message is this: if you are thinking about taking a leap into territory you have never been in before, if you are going to get kicked out of your safe zone, if you know you have to change gears to make things happen -- then simply start small and work up to the main objective.  Like cleaning a house, try dealing with just two feet of the problem at a time.  Take baby steps if you need to.  But move forward.  You can do it and you just need to get your mind prepared and actually take an initial step forward.

If you'd like to know some of the things learned/realized since posting this article -- that might be of assistance covering a variety of topics and keep you pondering --well here we go!

  1. If you post exclusively about yourself here or on other platforms, no one will care very much.
  2. If you post about how something may help others, you will be noticed.  This post has nothing to do with architecture per se...
  3. If you have a strong title to your blog, people will be curious to see what you have to say.  If it indicates a benefit, better still.
  4. If you advertise in the title, as in this blog, a fixed number of things that might be of value, people are even more curious and will read on.  But deliver on your promise.
  5. A shorter blog with a strong point is better than a long, rambling blog.  Sometimes brevity can be irritating though... or a wise-guy attitude.
  6. Personalize your blog.  Tell your story in a natural way.  Honesty works.
  7. A few images and change of graphics thrown in and a clear write up are like WD40. 
  8. Writing on AR shows up in search results and can direct people to you for years!
  9. The Two Foot Rule works.  
  10. You have to take action before you self-motivate.
  11. Motivation to take action is also worthwhile.  Just don't get stuck on that alone. 
  12. Preparing yourself to tackle the first two feet can be daunting.  It may take time. (see My Story below)
  13. To engage in something completely different from your routine or mindset may take a lot of self-convincing.  Even if you know it must be done.  A rut is difficult to overcome.
  14. Have you ever been to a basketball game where the cheerleading was awesome but the team obviously didn't take the game seriously?  Concentrate on the doing before patting yourself on the back.
  15. But taking the first step may entail an inch by inch strategy.
  16. You must overcome your fears and take action to make headway in any endeavor.
  17. The first two feet are the hardest.  Then you build self-confidence and are able to quickly cover more and do it more efficiently with better results.
  18. Read the comments at the end of every blog of interest.  The comments may contain additional words of wisdom.
  19. Learn, prepare, act, reload and improvise, finesse the act.



My Story....

I had a mental block over the last year or so about getting out of my box and doing something I instinctively knew was going to work.  But I had drunk the digital kool-aid for too long and tried every other trick in the book.  My website had tanked in clicks per view, etc. and had no idea what to do.  This had been my principal method of gaining business. I had a web design company pour my old content into an updated format.  Still sinking in views. I deleted many pages, I rectified dead links, etc.  Still sinking.  Now, in a panic, I designed 8-9 new webs but realized that although they were all up to date and looked great, opened on stamp-sized smartphones, etc. but without concentrated SEO and backlinks, etc. these would only deliver after months or years of work.  At the end of my wits, I separated my original URL from the old content and developed new abbreviated content with flashy graphics and easy to use menu, etc.  The old content was put on a new URL.  Still nothing.  

At the same time, I was culling email addresses from builders and realtors from 15 states.  I sent out thousands of messages.  Nothing.

I then decided to concentrate on Florida alone.  I sent out some very nice cards to builders and realtors.  Nothing.

In the end, the cards and emails DID keep me in the minds of my prospective clients.

The thing I needed to do LOCALLY (a market I had totally abandoned due to the success of my web in reaching outside of Florida and overseas - but now pulling in little to nothing) was to get in touch with the players in Naples, Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, IN PERSON and make my case.

For 18 months I had been putting off the first two feet.  It took me that long to finally start knocking on doors!!  I was not comfortable doing that.  I was complacent sitting behind my computer screen and thinking I was doing the right things.  I had tried pushing content on FB, I spent thousands on Google Ads, I posted on LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.

The fear is now almost gone.  It is always stressful doing anything you do not do routinely.  But the stress slowly ebbs as you see positive results from your efforts!

JOHN HENRY ARCHITECT  Orlando Florida Custom Home Designs

Beautiful European and American classical period luxury homes and plans created by premier residential Architect John Henry has been a passion now for over 30 years.  Inspired by old-world archaeology and medieval to Renaissance architecture -- and having lived in Europe and the Middle East-- John Henry is widely known for the romantic and period details that make his work breathe a certain soul and drama. Striving for world-class results, his award-winning work reflects the details and proportions of luxury real estate plans in historical European and American traditional styles. Attention to detail and continuity mean that the architectural interiors should also be integrated properly.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsLynn B. Friedman • September 30 2019 07:23AM


Good morning, Lynn B. Friedman nice shout out for John Henry ... ActiveRain made a "score" when John Henry found us..... with every shout out for John, hopefully more members will follow his blog....

Posted by Barbara Todaro, Marketing Agent for The Todaro Team (RE/MAX Executive Realty ) 5 months ago

Hi Lynn!!! So nice you reblogged this!!  Thanks very much.  I did not know you, like Barbara above, were builders at one time.  VERY competitive business with lots of administrative work, deal with subcontractors who can be hit or miss and must be chased down constantly, a need to be very precise and be detail-oriented, have to deal with clients who have no idea how things actually work, etc.  Congrats on your experience, I DO like reading your posts, and thanks for the links back to some of my older ones!!! WOW, you made my day, Lynn

Posted by John Henry, Florida Architect, Residential Architect, Luxury Custom Home Design (John Henry Masterworks Design International, Inc.) 5 months ago

Good afternoon Lynn B. Friedman - we really have a great resource in John Henry .  He has made such an impression that it is like he has been around much longer.

Posted by Grant Schneider, Your Coach Helping You Create Successful Outcomes (Performance Development Strategies) 5 months ago

Lynn I have not followed John, but I follow several members who speak very highly of his blogs.

Posted by George Souto, Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert (George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages) 5 months ago