Lynn B. Friedman - Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty: Quick and EASY Do-it-Yourself marketing videos using Animoto!!

Quick and EASY Do-it-Yourself marketing videos using Animoto!!

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I hate reading instructions about how to do anything. That's me.  So YOU folks should be able to do this with half your brain tied behind your back.


So when I saw how easy it was to use Animoto to create some quick marketing videos I couldn't stop.  I have about ten now, spent about an hour to produce each.

Videos are the 'new thing' in marketing (I read that they, like TV commercials, are the most effective way to get your message across.  This is why we don't read books or newspapers anymore!)

The great thing about this site is that when you are finished it will export straight into YouTube and other social media spots as well as give you the entire video to use on your own web.

If you go to (this link will take you to the templates) you simply get the idea really fast.

See the Storyboard page above as info below relates to it.


1. Check out the available templates.  Each has suggested uses (intro for a new product, personal, tell your story, etc.).  There are four basic formats and just click at top of page to see about 5 -10 examples in each.  You will notice that these are SHORT, can be 20 seconds to over a minute, and effective.  Little wording with graphics the main draw.

2. You will see that each example has a routine and is preformatted so all you have to do is have photos or video clips ready in a file to upload.  Just drag and drop into the video example! 

3.  Even if you don't have a script this is EASY to do and your photos will inspire you to write a few words for each segment.  There are about 8 to 10 preformats in each of these videos.  (You might even wish to use some of the exact wording!)  So you will need to have media ready to upload.  If you don't like how one works, just try another that fits best.

4.  There are preformatted videos for Realtors!!  Find the ones that you like best and just put in your own listing info!  It is amazingly easy to do. Use other formats to shake it up a bit.



1. Click on 'Tell Your Company's Story'.  This is a Realy video ad.

2. Click on the sixth image about Monmouth County (underneath the photo it reads 'Agent Testimonial').  Watch the video play out.  Every image can be substituted with your files.  If you like the music track which accompanies this video you can use it or select from hundreds or thousands of others.

3. Click on 'Choose Storyboard' at left to begin!  You will see the Storyboard page with every frame set up for you to put in your own photos and copy.  You can lengthen or shorten every clip.  You can move them around in any order.

4. On the left column under Media you simply drag your photos and videos into that area or click on the Upload button to go to a file in your computer that is not open.

5. Drag your photos in the formatted clips one by one until you are happy which photos and clips are in the right order. 

6. Hover over the first clip and click the Edit button.  You will see three photos and an editable column far right.  Hover and click on any photo.  You can resize the photo with the Scale slider, or rotate them.  If there is a background, you can change the color.  The Layout section says Collage.  You can have three or two photos in different configurations.

7. Adjust the number of seconds you would like that clip to run by clicking the '3s' button at the top left of the edit column.  You can add or reduce the seconds it plays by clicking the plus and minus signs.

8. If you click on the mic icon you can record a voice over if your computer is set up for that.

9. Click on the Play button at the bottom right to see your clip in action.  If satisfied click anywhere outside this area and it will take you back to the main Storyboard.

10.  Repeat above for every clip and adjust as you like.

11.  Notice that this has a preselected audio musical clip that does not require much text.  If you would like to add text just go to each clip and click on the T button top right and edit as you go.  You can change the size of each text message as well.

12. Now hit the Preview button top right and see your video play out.  After studying the order of the clips and the length of each plus the script size etc. you can go back and edit each one until perfect.


OKAY, while this may seem tedious, it is completely intuitive and I don't want to get into much more detail here so that YOU can get going!  This is a video I made using the exact template above:



Notice I mixed things around a bit. Kept the audio which is nice.  Totally different use, same template!

It took about two to three hours to put this together for the first time as I had to collect the images and write a script for it.  The other 9 I have went faster and faster until I can do one now in about 45 minutes.  I did not have to read a manual.  Completely intuitive.

The more videos you put out there I suppose - at least strategically - the more chance you have of being found or seen.  In YouTube there are edit functions that are important including tags that act like keywords.  Write up your listing a bit in the description and include links back to your main web, etc.

When you feel really adept at this, look at the left side of the Storyboard.  You can change the aspect ratio of the video, use filters to lighten or darken, change the style, color and fonts, etc. -- and the musical score!  Hours of fun for anyone!

Now, for epic Hollywood style videos that can do a lot more for you, see the amazing branding and marketing videos produced by Ron and Alexandra Seigel.


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FIRST: Thanks Lynn B Friedman for reblogging this post!  And I appreciate you reading and commenting on so many others to introduce some of my thinking to AR!

Anthony, thanks for your comment sir.

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Thanks for introducing us to John Henry. I will check out Animoto Lynn B. Friedman .

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I find most of these cumbersome but i will check it out for sure as I do most recommendation in the rain. Thanks for sharing 

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I've used Animoto for years - it's easy to use and has pretty nice results.   It's not free, but works for what I need.

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I feel a whole new dimension being added to our marketing...!

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I love this, Lynn and love that you shared it as well! 

I think he needs to read Debb & Bernie's posts for someone to follow - they do true professional videos and I am in awe of every one they produce! I guess it helps to have been in that business but, they have talent, for sure!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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