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January Blog Booster 2019 - Success Ahead When You Challenge Yourself

January Blog Booster 2019 -

Success Ahead When You Challenge Yourself




January Blog Booster 2019 - pushing your Blogging Limits.



Sorry for delay! Lynn


1.  Yes - any posts written for Margaret Rome's Challenge count for "double-dipping" in the Blog Booster no matter what date the post was written in January.
2.  Yes - after doing the first two posts, Weltanschauung and Community Guidelines, partial credit will be available. All genuine efforts, as explained nicely by Anna "Banana" Kruchten in her post, (link here) will be respected.
 Remember, the Blog Booster Challenge Goal is YOUR LEARNING!!!
3. Yes - please leave a comment letting me know you are participating, at whatever level you can. Print out (or download) the Checklist to keep track and submit Checklist at end of month to register for your points.   1/9/19

4.  Newbie Search -- probably should have given this before -- go to to find a person who might interest you. Our AR George Souto carefully explains how to find a member's first Blog Post. AR Margaret Woda wrote a wonderful post about a Newbie deserving positive input that first time.   1/10/19

UPDATE  ---  1/29/19
Contact Lynn with any questions - lynn at  Heading into the last stretch of January now!


FEBRUARY 1, 2019


1.  Send in your results - on the offered Checklist or on your own.
2.  Point request for participants to be submitted on 2/6/19. 
3.  Points awarded (hopefully) before Valentine's Day.

All the best - Lynn


For the Blog Booster Challenge, start with learning about your ActiveRain Community by becoming familiar with the Founders' goals as stated in the Weltanschuung and the Community Guidelines

Then engage in the Community by reblogging another person's post. Next please profile a "newbie" member. Complete the first section of five by writing about a person you admire. You may use the same post in Margaret Rome's Kudos Challenge and get the points in both places! 

(Open the E-Z  Endre Barath Spreadsheet to keep track as you progess. Thanks, Endre Barath, Jr. )

In each post, add a visual element - remembering about Copyright issues. Pay Attention to Lenn Harley (VA), RESPECT COPYRIGHT AT ALL TIMES Did you know that Lenn received five-figure settlements by challenging people who used her materials and did not stop when they were asked to do so? Be sure you don't infringe on Getty Images - which can cost $5000. for a six-month license to use - Getty sues at the drop of the proverbial hat! 


The second part is a bit more demanding -- at least one Chart, Graph, Infographic, video or slideshow, not plain images for these topics -- links take you to topic examples. These five are Section Two:


Objective here is to push yourself so both content and appearance reflect what a great professional you are for your Clients needs. 


THEN --- the Bonus Section at the end. 

Just in case points interest you - LOL -

finish all three sections for 5000 points total!


  • Your Choice - info on your specialty- real estate, lawyer, stager, etc.
  • Your Choice - teach your Readers about your job and its benefits to Clients

Suggestions ONLY – Tailor the BONUS to YOUR own preference.


SUBMIT SPREADSHEET when you finish - link to comment here PLEASE.
It's a GOOGLE SHEETS Document - coded so you may DOWNLOAD it.

OR email checklist to
Do not post entries in comments here one at a time - no points if you do.


Post - 200 word minimum - max one per day please.

Every Post MUST include a Visual of some kind.

Options for Basic Challenge Points: 

A = 2019 points    A+B = 4038 points    Plus Bonus = 5000 points
(All in addition to regular points.)
--- Thanks to Belinda Spillman for the post explaining REGULAR POINTS.


Starts:    Tuesday, January 8th at 12:01 am PST
Ends:  Thursday, January 31st at 11:59 pm PST


Your entry following guidelines will be awarded points by Valentine's Day. 


Suggestions for places to learn the Visuals:

Check out Fred Griffin's post as well!!!    Thanks Fred!!!


 a.)  Videos - Here are links for video options - a set of YouTube tutorials from Eva, Part Two (2014) (over 3,323,000 views!) and Part One (2013)WISTIA,Vimeo (tutorial), VIMEO website, Smilebox, YouTube ,  a classic Steve Harris YouTube tutorial Part One and Part Two. New video option suggested byHannah Williams : Biteable


b.)  Slideshows - Use your own computer programs or one of these Windows Movie Maker,  Animoto,  PowerPoint,  Flickr or ??? 


 c.)  Graphs - Prepare a Graph using your own computer programs such as Excel, as explained here in a tutorial. Other graph-making programs include  Graph,  ChartGO,   Create A Graph, or  Graphs Made Easy.


d.)  Photos - Check your own computer’s Photo Editor software or try one of these Aviary oriPiccy or Wikimedia or  Photofunia.

e.)  Icons – Lots of sites offer free icons but be careful of their cookies.  You might try   IconFinder Wikimedia Commons Open Clip Art.


NOTE: Share suggestions of other options with us please.
--- In his post,  Praful Thakkar offers us a VISUAL OPTION called

--- In his post, David Baker used an Infographic from PIKtoCHART.  



**    "Double-Dip with KUDOS Challenge - - Check It Out!

Thanks for participating!!!!    Improve your skills!!!

Any questions?    Email me - - lynn at

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

Need a REALTOR(R)?


Let me Google multi-color logo Atlanta Real Estate ODAT that for you.



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January Blog Booster 2019 - Success Ahead When You Challenge Yourself
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