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It's NOTHING personal…

Dear Readers -

Wanda Kerbat-Nerdin's comments remind us of safety concerns.
Every agent must be vigilant when meeting strangers.
We must always remember Beverly Carter - an agent who did let others know where she was and still did not live to see her family again.

Wanda Kubat-Nerdin, upbeat and positive when she writes, offers an important set of ideas in this post about SAFETY. Read some of her other posts for more good information: Online Comments and Issues, Proper Planning for Clients, and Explore-Dream-Discover.


For me, the benefits of ActiveRain membership include being able to read others' posts and increase my knowledge. I love learning new ideas and following good suggestions! BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!!
All the best - Lynn

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It's NOTHING personal…


When meeting and greeting new clients or prospects, be friendly but maintain a professional stance. Avoid any mention of where you live, your after-work or vacation plans, and similar details. You never know when a potential buyer may be more interested in you and yours than actually purchasing a home.




A real estate industry instructor once told the class to avoid wearing expensive jewelry when meeting new clients. This is the story she had to tell...She was meeting a buyer couple for the first time. They went to look at several homes, then took a break. The woman phoned, wanting to write an offer and asked her to meet at their hotel room.


She shows up, they take all of her jewelry, gag and tie her to a chair. The two leave in her car to withdraw money from her bank account, knowing when they return, most likely they will kill her. Somehow she manages to get to the hotel phone and call 911. The police arrange to hide in the bathroom and upon their return, arrest the couple without incident.


Sounds like a made for TV movie, right?! Unfortunately, it is not.


She is an extremely lucky woman to be alive to tell that story. I got chills just listening to the details of that day her life changed forever. The public's misled perception is that we are all wealthy, drive expensive cars, travel to exotic locales often, live a lavish life and have oodles of money sitting in several bank accounts.


Some opportuniists will act on that information. Be proactive with your own safety. Meet at the office, get driver's license information and have a photo taken if necessary, drive seperately, have another agent join you, carry a weapon because though some people say it isn't personal, it sure can end up that way. Happy sales all!




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It's NOTHING personal…
Dear Readers - Wanda Kerbat-Nerdin 's comments remind us of safety concerns. Every agent must be vigilant when meeting strangers. We must always remember Beverly Carter - an agent who did let others know where she was and still did not live to see… more
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